Finding a good job today can be challenging for anyone, but employment for people with disabilities is much more difficult. By now, there are many organizations in the world that  defend the rights of people with disabilities.
What have they done and what are they going to do?
 United Nations proclaimed  in December 19 in 1975 the most important document : “The UN declaration  on the rights of disabled persons”. This declaration  says that people with disabilities  have the right, according  to  their capabilities,to secure and retain employment.
 In 1999 was established  the International Disability Alliance as a network  of the foremost International  Disability  rights  organisations and is the most authoritative  and representative voice of persons with disabilities. Their slogan is: ” Nothing  about us without  us”.
 If you visit the website of International  Labour  Organization  you can find  the  statistic that 1 in 7 people  around  the  world is disabled, which means 15% of the world’s population, that counts a billion people and about  80% of them are of working age.
Inclusion of people with  disabilities in labour market provides an efficient and better workplace for the company they work for.
Some reasons are written here:
  1. improvment of workplace moral.
  2. untapped  resource of skills  and talents.
  3. increasing  business opportunities  for other people with disabilities.
 Looking for information on this topic, I came to the conclusion that people with disabilities as well as “ordinary people” can work anywhere provided that their “feature” is not from birth
and that there will be people who can support, help mentally and physically, and from time to time say “you can do everything you want , I believe in you“.
Mariana Davydyan 
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